Welcome to Burning Frog

Burning Frog is a independant company that makes handbuild guitars and stompboxes.
Being sick and tired of not getting the sound i wanted i bought a book, ” electronics for dummies”. Now, several years later, I build and design my own stompboxes to the sound and adjustability that i like. It truelly has helped me define my own sound and understanding in the posibillities in the setup of a guitarist. From the guitar through the pedals to the amp, the path in its hole is importing in making the sound that you desire.

After also owning several guitars and not being able to afford an expensive one, I visited a great guitar builder for a cup of coffee and to check out his guitars. Being courious as I am, I tried to build a guitar out of scrap parts and wood i bought at my local Home depot. A terrible result because of lacking the knowledge how to build a guitar. Soon I found out that using a jigsaw and a powerdrill just didn’t do the job. Having spend way more than an expensive guitar on tools, having learned from other great guitar builders, I am building special guitars for people and preferably weird projects to push my limits and learn and build great stuff!

Feel free to take a look at my guitars at the guitars page and soon there will also be sound clips and videos on the stompboxes page so you can hear what sounds they make.
If you have a great idea for a guitar of stompbox or just want something other like a copy of a known guitar or stompbox, feel free to contact me anytime on the contact page or via Facebook: